Welcome to Professor Gennady Shvets' research group's website! Our group is engaged in theoretical, experimental, and computational research in several areas of applied and fundamental physics. Interaction between light and matter lies at the core of our research. Present areas of research fall into the following broad categories: (1) theoretical and computational plasma physics, with the emphasis on ultra-intense laser-plasma interactions, plasma-based particle accelerators, and high energy density plasma physics; (2) fundamental studies of metamaterials across the electromagnetic spectrum, with the emphasis on nanophotonics and plasmonics; (3) applications of nanophotonics to biological and biomedical sciences, and to the development of ultra-compact laser-driven particle accelerators. We are excited to have you visit our website! If you want to learn more about any specific research topic pursued in our group, please follow the appropriate link on the right. We are always looking for creative and talented students and postdocs. If interested: please contact Prof. Shvets. Enjoy your visit!